Grooming mats

The tool for a relaxed horse during competitions

Grooming mats with a non-slip coating

The ASPU grooming mat is a flexible, roll-out mat with a tough non-slip coating, making your horse less likely to slip.

The grooming mat relieves your animal’s joints when it has to stand on a concrete floor for an extended period of time. The grooming mat also provides relief for your horse’s joints when it has to stand on concrete for longer periods of time. It also prevents injuries caused by mowing with the (front) leg.

Length: 300 cm
Width: 125 cm

So ist gewährleistet, dass die Pferde den Hufstandard bewahren auf der Show. Wenn sie anfangen zu scharren, dann hast du das Problem, dass sie sich vorn das Horn abscharren. Das ist dann mit den Matten besser.”

Isabeau Rohde from Riverside Ranch

Want to apply clean pre-competition bandages at your leisure to a relaxed horse standing still while you wash it and put a bandage on it? No problem with our grooming mats! They are light (32 kg) and easy to move. The irons don’t slip on concrete and horses feel a lot calmer on the comfortable mat.