Step stools

Both light & sturdy

Provide relief for your horse with an ASPU step stool

The ASPU step is ideal for relieving your horse’s back when mounting or dismounting. It is also convenient while trying to get closer to your horse to wash, shave and braid its mane. The step or staircase is extremely sturdy due to its full core and durable wall structure.

Thanks to the choice of material, rounded edges and a recess for a good grip, this step or stepladder guarantees:

  • extra safety for you & your horse
  • 100% water & weather resistance
  • maintenance friendliness
  • lightweight & easy to carry
  • attractive design & personalised with your own logo
  • features:
    • height: 45 cm
    • length: 50 cm
    • width: 65 cm
    • weight: 6 kg

“It is fantastic. The material doesn’t break down and is very stable, very strong.”

Isabel Cool van Coolhorses

Horse-friendly step stools