Washrooms & solariums

Washrooms & solariums for new buildings and renovations


  • 100% water resistance
  • simple maintenance
  • solid & professional look of the space
  • wear-, impact- and shock-resistant solution
  • safe & animal-friendly
  • panels available in various sizes
    • standard dimensions:
      1.22 m height x 2.50 m
      1.53 m height x 3.00 m


  • custom-made
  • professionally installed & finished
  • extra safe for your horse
  • solid & durable wall structure
  • 100% UV-resistant

Your laundry room & solarium professionally equipped!

Waterproof, UV-resistant & easy maintenance

New building project

“ASPU plates are beautiful. They are different. The safety and professional quality of the plates are important to me. I can recommend Horsesafe.”

Bernard Fonck from Fonck Performance Horses

A solarium before & after

A washroom before & after

Floors in washrooms & solariums

Natural rubber

Our hard-wearing natural rubber is ideal for protecting the floor in a room and making it non-slip. On the one hand, the rubber absorbs blows and creates a cushioning effect. On the other hand, it ensures that your horse stands firmly and is less likely to slip.

The rubber can be purchased per roll or easily cut to size. That allows us to work perfectly around obstacles in your stable and cover its floor completely. The top of the mat has a hammered profile and the underside has a nylon insert for more grip.

Length: 30 m / 50 m
Width: 2 m / 3 m / 4 m
Thickness: 10 mm / 12 mm