For both new buildings & renovations

Safe & clean boxes

ASPU wall panels are a wear-, impact- and shock-resistant solution in which safety and animal-friendliness are key. The panels are available in various sizes and can be incorporated into a bar frame or fixed to the inside of existing structures

In other words, the application can be fully customised to your needs. Moreover, the panels are always professionally installed and finished. Thanks to the choice of materials, patented construction and coating, the wall panels offer:

Standard dimensions:

Everything customised & perfectly installed in your horse boxes!

Extra safe for your horse and a sturdy & durable wall structure

Renovation project

“I thought it looked very cool with the logo inside. That it was better for the safety of the horses convinced me immediately. The logo ensures a neater and professional impression.”

Isabel Cool from Coolhorses

Three different ways for flooring in stalls

Natural rubber

Our hard-wearing natural rubber is ideal for protecting the floor in a room and giving it a non-slip surface. On the one hand, the rubber absorbs blows and creates a cushioning effect. On the other hand, it ensures that your horse stands firmly and is less likely to slip.

The rubber can be purchased per roll or easily cut to size. That allows us to work perfectly around obstacles in your stable and cover its floor completely. The top of the mat has a hammered profile and the underside has a nylon insert for more grip.

Length: 30 m / 50 m
Width: 2 m / 3 m / 4 m
Thickness: 10 mm / 12 mm

Stable tiles

Rubber stable tiles are moisture permeable and provide good drainage thanks to the studs on the underside. This allows water and urine to drain away easily. The tiles not only guarantee comfort and resilience, but also sturdiness and durability. The stable tiles can be cut to size to fit the desired structure.

Width: 100 cm
Length: 100 cm
Thickness: 4 cm

Rubber pavers

Rubber pavers are the budget-friendly option and have the following advantages:

The pavers have a long lifespan, are water-permeable and very easy to maintain. In short: the perfect time- and cost-saving solution for all horse lovers! The clinker composition is characterised by the typical H-profile, is wear resistant, has a cushioning effect and provides particularly good grip. Rubber naturally has a rough surface, which is enhanced by the open structure of the pavers. That makes the material suitable as a non-slip floor for both dry and wet areas.

Dimensions: 200 x 160 x 43 mm